Agile Integrations

Our Small Business History

We are Jonathan and Yilan, two self starters obsessed with solving problems. We both grew up in families that ran small businesses, a bike shop and a Chinese restaurant. We learned our earliest lessons about ingenuity, hard work, and adapting to change from our families. While the industries we work in look very different from our parents' businesses, we carry those early lessons with us and continue to redefine our professional identities. 

When Agile Integrations was in its infancy and COVID-19 spread across the world in February 2020, we found ourselves paralyzed by uncertainty along with everyone else. Then, as we saw the need to support businesses and the role we could play in strengthening the organizations that the world counted on, we proceeded with launching Agile Integrations. The boldness and entrepreneurial spirit in our genes and upbringings pushed us forward. 

As we continued to learn the effects of the pandemic, we saw timelines for change management that normally would take decades compressed into months. Industries shifted their processes overnight to meet urgent demands. People's most basic needs were being disrupted and systems were not equipped to help. We wanted to help solve these problems. 

In solving these problems, the world calls for reinvention. We have reinvented ourselves several times over throughout our careers and lives. We changed our career focuses while always building on previous knowledge. Sure, it was scary at times, but the discomfort was soon met with growth and learning that made us smarter professionals and better people. Now more than ever, we know the value and inevitability of change.

Jonathan Klinshaw

CEO and Founder

Jonathan has  worked in process and systems engineering for over 15 years, gaining vast knowledge and experience in organizational improvement. With proven results in designing and working in all areas of the solution life-cycle, his nuanced understanding of project progression drives productivity.

Additionally, his strength is in building and maintaining strong cross-functional relationships. This is why he is an effective advocate in any project. Because of his focus on business process as a tool to aid people in their work and his natural desire to promote highly functional and sustainable systems, he is a facilitative partner who gets results for his clients. He has a B.S. in Applied Mathematics with a minor in computer science from the University of Buffalo SUNY.

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Yilan Shen

Principal Consultant

Yilan has a long track record of supporting public and private organizations through strategic planning, fundraising, research, and many other organizational transformations. She has led many multi-stakeholder projects to derive actionable intelligence and reach strategic goals. Her analytical skills help clients obtain project goals, and her objective thinking advances long-term client needs and organizational impact.

Yilan has worked across different systems in the public, nonprofit, and private sectors. She believes the right tools, information, and people are the foundations of success in any industry. She has effectively fundraised for organizations to allow smart growth, created plans for scale and impact, engaged stakeholders in the change process, and conducted financial analyses to assess organizational goals.  

In all of her work, Yilan uses her research, critical thinking, and communication skills from her psychology degree (University of Kansas) and systems level thinking from her Master’s in Public Administration (University of Colorado Denver). Her paying jobs and volunteer positions have contributed equally to the professional she is today.

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